NIS Weekly Contributions Schedule, NIS txt file, Financial Summary, Form 2A, Bank account split and a few other updates

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Versions: 4.30
Release dates: March 7th, 2023.

This week we’re introducing a few feature improvements and bug fixes. Here are a few of them…

NIS Weekly Contributions Schedule Update

  1. Previously, our weekly contribution schedule simply treated a fortnight as a week. We’ve now adjusted this so that a fortnight is treated as 2 weeks. 
  2. As per NIS requirements, we’ve limited the number of weeks on the schedule to a maximum of 5 weeks. 

NIS TXT File for Weekly Contributions

This TXT file has also been updated with the changes above. 

Multi-Salary Payrolls

We’ve launched the first version of multi-salary payrolls allowing you to have multiple salaries for a single employee on the payroll. This caters to scenarios where an employee may have had a change of salary in the middle of the Payroll period. 

Financial Summary Updates

We’ve now added breakdowns for taxable and non-taxable allowances and deductions.

Form 2A update

We’ve updated the form to allow users to select whether they want to add non-taxable allowances or not.

Bank Account Form

We’ve added Primary/Secondary Account options to the bank account form.

Training Form

Added Months, Days, and Hours Duration

Bank Account Multi-Update & Export

On the bank Accounts listing page, you’re now able to update multiple accounts at once, and also download bank account data.

Minor Features & Updates

  1. PAYE File – This was updated to match the required file from GRA.
  2. Form 7B –  If an employee only worked part of the year, the start and end months should reflect that.
  3. Form 2A, Form 2B, and Form 7B – Improved performance to remove the freezing on the employee selection page would freeze when choosing Data and Other Income Types.
  4. Bank Account Split – Made upgrades to make this functionality more robust. 
  5. Republic Bank export file – Updated to allow users to select which bank accounts they’d like in the file.
  6. Gender Option – Added ‘Other’ as an option for gender.
  7. Payslips – Updated payslips to show the primary bank account.
  8. Paysheet View – Now displays Primary Bank Account Information.
  9. NIS Fortnightly Split – Now caters to an employee that joins in the second week, so that that on the NIS contribution schedule, that employee only shows up within the 2nd week, instead of in both weeks. 

Bug Fixes

  1. Document Page – Refreshing document node page no longer redirects to the dashboard.
  2. Form 7B – Fixed issues with configurations not working, and bonuses not showing/calculating incorrectly.
  3. ACH Export – Bank Account Split ACH was not generating, this is now fixed.
  4. Salary Rate Change Report
    1. Users can view classified employees’ salary changes.
    2. The first 25 records get duplicated on the second view.
    3. Shows fired/resigned employee.
    4. Deleted employees’ salaries are listed.
    5. Salary rates are only listed for time-rated employees.

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